Rockstar Games Might Bring The Curtain Down on GTA Online Soon; Here’s Why!

GTA Online Update

While GTA Online has been around for almost a decade now, there is a possibility of it Rockstar putting a closure on the multiplayer action-adventure game in the near future.

Launched in October 2013, Grand Theft Auto Online proved to be a runaway success for Rockstar Games. The fact that the game is alive and kicking in 2023 serves as a testimony to the kind of popularity it enjoys. At the moment, most of Rockstar’s creative energies are channelized towards developing GTA 6 and there is a good chance of it bringing down the shutters on GTA Online in the near future.

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As stated earlier, GTA Online has been around for almost ten years. A lot of things worked very well for the game and that’s the reason why it is standing tall even today. Having said that, there are signs that suggest that GTA Online might cease to exist in the near future. To understand what would lead to the end of this much-loved online game, one has to go through certain events that occurred in the past.

GTA 5 and GTA Online came out in the same year. While everybody was betting on GTA 5’s success, very few could predict the kind of popularity GTA Online would go on to achieve. While the GTA franchise had ventured into the multiplayer space with GTA 4, it explored this space in a big way with GTA Online.

When the game was launched in 2013, Rockstar made it quite evident that it was vastly different from all the games that had been introduced as a part of the GTA franchise till then. Rockstar managed to build a solid foundation for GTA Online and that worked in its favor. After that, there was no looking back and the game continued to grow from strength to strength in the following years.

When a game has been existing for almost a decade, the developers need to be very conscious about updating it and including certain elements that contribute towards keeping the game relevant. While GTA Online enjoys widespread popularity even today, players have started noticing the issues with it.

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Since 2013, the open world genre has gone through drastic changes and one feels GTA Online has not managed to keep up with the pace at which this genre has evolved. Another sign which points towards the gradual death of GTA Online is the slowing down of the content stream. For years, GTA Online would receive as many as eight content updates in a single year. However, the game received just about two content updates in the year 2020. The game is also receiving a lesser number of updates.

While there are strong indications of Rockstar pulling out GTA Online in the future, players should get enough time to prepare themselves for this eventuality. GTA Online continues to be a profitable game for Rockstar and therefore, the publisher will work out certain strategies before pulling the plug on the game.

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