GTA Online Update Features Reference To San Andreas

GTA Online

After the launch of this new update, players are finding a reference to San Andreas while trying out the GTA Online game!

Recently, GTA Online players stumbled upon a car featuring a license plate from Las Venturas, which happens to be a city one comes across in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Launched in the year 2004, GTA: San Andreas became popular shortly after its release and has a huge fan base even today. Because of this, this reference immediately evoked a sense of nostalgia in players.

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The latest GTA Online update, which was rolled out just a couple of days ago, brought in major changes in the game. Apart from introducing animals in Freemode, the update also made some important changes in the interface. New vehicles, along with Drift Races, have been added to the game.

In GTA Online, fans have stumbled upon a reference to San Andreas. This reference can be spotted while embarking upon the car robbery missions. When a player steals a Turismo Omaggion car while participating in these missions, they can see the license plate originating from Las Venturas. The city, as ardent fans would know, was seen in GTA: San Andreas and has been modeled on Las Vegas. Just like Las Vegas, Las Venturas had a plethora of casinos and a large desert surrounding it.

If a player wants to spot this reference, they have to participate in the new The Chop Shop missions. To unlock this reference, a player has to buy a salvage yard referred to as Red’s Auto Parts. These new missions have a character named Yusuf Amir who earlier made an appearance in GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony. Now, Amir hires the services of the players to steal luxury cars found in and around Los Santos.

While Las Venturas featured prominently in GTA: San Andreas, it was never spotted in another GTA game again. After spotting this reference, players are now hopeful about the city being seen prominently in some of the GTA titles in the near future. Since GTA 6 primarily revolves around Vice City, one does not expect that to happen with this particular title.

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This particular update has introduced a few other exciting changes in the game. Now, GTA Online players have the opportunity to buy police cars. Players can acquire these vehicles from Warstock Cache & Carry, which offers them a wide range of military vehicles to choose from. Players will come across different vehicle models priced between $3,600,000 and $4,000,000.

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