Minecraft Bedrock Beta Version Offers Several Fixes

Minecraft Bedrock

Minecraft players are extremely excited about the 1.19 update that is scheduled to be rolled out soon.

Many Java Edition snapshots have already been released. This is to be followed by the release of Previews and Betas for Bedrock. These elements are released one by one so that the various features can be tested before the update gets a full-fledged launch.

The update, which has been rolled out this week,offers fixes or solutions to different types of bugs. Among other things, it has introduced arrival of disc fragments, a brand new portion of the game that is expected to arrive soon.

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This particular announcement has come from Mega_Spud on Twitter, who happens to be a community manager for Minecraft. He has made an official announcement about the Beta and Preview version being ready for download.

The Spectator Mode for Bedrock Edition has been one of the major additions to the game in the recent past. Contrary to what many have been expecting, it will not come with the 1.19 update. Crafters, however, still have the opportunity of experiencing the upcoming mode’s development versions. All you need to do is head to the world settings and enable the experimental toggle.

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One of the highlights of the Beta version is the arrival of a new music disc. You can stake your claim to Music Disc 5 by finding and putting together nine disc fragments. Though found rarely, one can try and look for them in Ancient City chests that have emerged as one of the best in-game loot chests.

Minecraft Ancient city

The Warden, who is widely known as the most dangerous mob in the game, still receives tweaks and updates ahead of the update’s official release. A large number of fixes have been introduced which players will experience while playing the game.

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