GTA San Andreas Multiplayer Continues To Do Well In 2022

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

In today’s times, when highly advanced and regularly updated games like GTA Online are easily available, some people often express their amazement at the popularity of GTA San Andreas Multiplayer seems to be growing at a good pace.

The reason behind some individuals being surprised by it is the fact that the multiplayer game has been derived from a game that was released way back in 2004. The game has often been picked up by experts for its ‘outdated’ graphics and the absence of several modern features.

However, the criticism received by the game has had no impact on its player base which has only grown with time. When you look around, you will come across a plethora of GTA San Andreas Multiplayer servers. Each of these servers has its pros and cons. The one thing common between all these servers is that you need to download the SA-MP mod to gain access to any of them.

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Many refer to GTA San Andreas Multiplayer as GTA SA-MP or simply as SA:MP. Different terms are used by different players while addressing or mentioning the game. When you start analyzing, you realize there are several reasons why this mod is immensely popular.

GTA SAMP Server List

There are many similarities between GTA San Andreas Multiplayer and GTA RP. For one, you get to use multiple servers in both games. The one major difference between the two games is the countries or regions these are played extensively in.

When you look at the following image, you realize that Russian players are big fans of this mod. Apart from acquiring most of the slots, players from Russia register higher server populations than players from other countries.


Arizona RP emerges as the most popular one owing to the fact that it often hits the maximum count of 1000 players. When you go through the website, you can have a look at some of the other popular servers. However, most of these servers seem to be derived from Arizona RP.

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San Andreas fans have a strong affinity for this particular game because of multiple reasons. Firstly, there is a certain nostalgia value attached to it. Players, who discovered video games in the early-mid 2000s like revisiting San Andreas as it reminds them of those glorious days. For newer gamers, the game offers a high amount of novelty value.

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