Xbox Shares Important Details May 2022 Console Update

Xbox One

The May 2022 console update by Xbox is keenly being looked forward to by fans.

Xbox has had a tradition of releasing a major console update every month. Usually, this update is rolled out in the first ten days of a particular month.

The monthly update comprises several things including minor upgrades, enhancements made to the user interface, live streaming settings button remapping options and a lot more. Players often come up with complaints related to the user experience offered by the console. Keeping this in mind, Xbox makes it a point to get the system software updated to ensure gamers go through a smoother experience while playing games on the console.

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In May, Xbox has assured users of launching two important updates. One of the updates planned to be released by them has been designed for the Xbox mobile app. The other update is meant for the console itself. The Xbox mobile app update will enable users to create, share and have a look at stories circulated on the app. These ‘stories’ are similar to the ones one comes across in social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

The second update will bring in Quality of Service (QoS) tagging, an innovative service designed for Xbox consoles that would help in putting together priority tags on outbound networking traffic console streaming, party chat and multiplayer versions.

Xbox update story

On the Xbox app’s home screen, players will get the opportunity to select the Stories channel and then, click on the ‘+’ button to add clips, screenshots and achievements in the game with their friends. If you like adding captions, you will get the chance to do that here too.

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There will also be a highly useful activity feed that will enable players to see posts from the last 72 hours. This feature will contribute greatly toward players remaining connected and sharing their gameplay and other in-game experiences with friends for a long time. The QoS tagging will ensure the players have a fun gaming experience without worrying about connection problems that could emerge during high-traffic times.

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