GTA: San Andreas Mystery Gets Solved After Two Decades

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This mystery has been solved by a former Rockstar Games employee who was a part of the development team of GTA: San Andreas.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was launched on 26 October 2004. Though it has been close to two decades since the game has been around and newer titles have been launched as a part of the GTA franchise, GTA: San Andreas continues to be relevant. Apart from its engaging narrative, the game has received accolades for its characters, visual fidelity and open-world design. Despite technical issues coming to the fore on several occasions, the game continued to resonate with a large number of gamers.

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Since the last twenty years, a particular mystery associated with GTA: San Andreas has left the fans baffled. Now, a former Rockstar Games developer has finally been able to solve this mystery. Fans would often encounter an explosion in the game that would disrupt their gameplay and lead to one of the planes getting damaged and moving towards a building.

This occurrence would leave the fans baffled and make them wonder why this happened in the first place. On online community forums, fans have often discussed this phenomenon and shared their theories and opinions on what causes it. Despite multiple discussions and brainstorming sessions taking place, nobody managed to find out the real reason behind this taking place.

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Obbe Vermeij, who happens to be a former Rockstar Games employee, posted a tweet on X that gives one some insights into this phenomenon. The initial lines of the tweet posted by Vermeij read, “In GTA San Andreas, small planes are periodically created near the player to perform a fly-by. Sometimes they crash. Before creating the plane, my code looks for obstacles in its path. It scans a number of lines in the forward direction of the plane. These scans are slow so I used the absolute minimum. (Just the body and wingtips I believe) This is why thin obstacles are sometimes not detected.” The entire tweet can be read on X.

Vermeij had worked closely on the development process of GTA: San Andreas. His words, therefore, carry a lot of weight. GTA 6 is expected to feature some aircraft movement. Given the kind of effort that is being put into developing the game, one would expect the aircraft movements in GTA 6 to be better than the kind the earlier games in the franchise featured.

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