Minecraft Receives a New Update In The Form of Poisonous Potato Update

Minecraft on chromebook

The new Minecraft update has brought in a plethora of material that players can use for several interactive activities.

Launched in the year 2011, Minecraft has become enormously popular over the years as a sandbox game. One of the reasons behind the rising popularity of the game can be attributed to the fact that Mojang has rolled out updates for it at regular intervals. Most of the updates rolled out in the recent past, have added a lot of value to the game and contributed towards increasing the player base of the game.

Now, Minecraft has launched a new update with the Poisonous Potato Update. This new update has marked the arrival of several exciting features, creatures and other content. One of the many interesting things that have been added to the game through this update is the floatater block. The lashing potato, too, has caught the attention of many.

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Titled the ‘Poisonous Potato Update’, snapshot 24w14potato has brought in a plethora of content to the game. Most of the content, that has just been launched, revolves around the potato. For a while, Mojang had been dropping clues about this particular update. The gaming studio, in order to tease the fans, had been showing images of poisonous potatoes on its official website. After keeping fans guessing for some time, Mojang has finally released the update.

Though Mojang has released a lot of updates for Minecraft in the recent past, this particular update stands out because of various reasons. To create new content, the gaming studio has sought inspiration from the poisonous potatoes in the game. The team has painstakingly worked towards building a potato-themed fantasy in the game. The five potato biomes players will get to explore are hash, fields, corruption, arboretum and wasteland.

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There is also a new Colosseum which features several interesting elements. Along with a Potato boss, it features mysterious green lasers and green rain. The regular mobs have been replaced by those with potato themes. Two new items, a lashing potato and a potato peeler, have been introduced in the game as well.

The floater block can be best described as a new addition that has been created to operate as a rocket block that a redstone signal can trigger easily. Apart from carrying several blocks, it will also pave the way for vertical movement after being activated. These features can also be described as being experimental, owing to the way they have been designed.

There are several things one could do with the versatile block. One can use them to enable unidirectional movement for putting together different constructions. If somebody is skilled enough, they can use it to create rocket ships as well. It also makes it possible for players to put together missiles.

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