GTA San Andreas Players Get a New Mission To Work On

GTA San Andreas

The introduction of a new mission in GTA San Andreas has made the game all the more exciting!

In the year 2004, GTA: San Andreas was launched by Rockstar Games on PlayStation 2. As soon as the game released, it was lapped up by fans in a huge way. The rising popularity of the game led Rockstar to make the game available on Xbox and PC. On Metacritic, GTA: San Andreas is known to be one of the highest-rated games ever. While the critics on the platform have rated it a 95, it has received a 9.1 rating from gamers.

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GTA: San Andreas takes us through the journey of Carl “CJ” Johnson who comes back to the city after his mother passes away. Once he gets back, he realizes his Groove Street home has been altered for the worse. Back in the day, the game featured the biggest map to be seen in any game released in the franchise till then. Apart from taking part in primary story missions, players had the opportunity to participate in side missions and activities as well.

As compared to other games in the franchise, San Andreas operated more like an RPG game. From stealing a jetpack to picking up the skills to fly an aeroplane, players could participate in a variety of fun and creative activities. When it came out, one hadn’t seen any game as innovative as GTA: San Andreas.

The game has been around for almost two decades. Those who have been playing the game for years might feel they have explored all that the game has to offer. However, the modding community on PC has ensured that players always have new things to look forward to.

San Andreas fans always get excited when they realize they have a new mission to explore. A modder named Berony has created a new mission using the tool Design Your Own Mission or DYOM. This particular mission is called the San Fierro Police Dept mod which enables the player to portray Officer Jeffrey.

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According to the mod’s description, the San Fierro Police Dept is a DYOM mission series set in the GTA: San Andreas world. The description also confirms that it gives a player the opportunity to play Jeffrey, a robust police officer who works towards eliminating crime from San Fierro. To download this particular mod, players can visit

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