Minecraft Legends: New Update Gives Players The Chance To Have Pet Animals

Minecraft Legends

Along with adopting pet animals, the new Minecraft Legends update has brought in a plethora of features and improvements to the game!

Recently, Minecraft Legends received a major update. This update, which is referred to as version 1.17.49848, was rolled out on August 16. As a part of this update, a bunch of new features and fixes were added to the game.

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Along with some interesting improvements, players also came across a rather interesting tweak which is related to the animals in the game. Players will now have the opportunity to keep these animals as pets. While this feature might not appeal to serious players, it could work well for players who are fond of animals.

Now, players will be able to see a new pet button in the game. When it pops up, players will have to press it and hold it for some time to get things moving. Once the character in the game pets an animal, one would be able to see small heart particles appearing all over them. A unique animation will be associated with each animal type and this animation will represent the love the character has for the pet.

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Documenting the presence and importance of animals in the game is quite interesting for multiple reasons. While a few animals in the game have the ability to fight against piglin hoards, there are many animals that are quite passive in nature and do not have interaction abilities or skills.

The new update has marked the arrival of a few other features in the game that many players would find useful. The update has enhanced the PvP game mode communication by including new world markers like Attack, Defend, Gather and Default. When somebody goes to the chat log, they will be able to see these markers. The game now features new player-to-player communication messages where players will have the scope to agree, disagree or come up with alternatives for different activities.

Players can also see new lobbies in the game which are designed to provide important details on the players. Here, the users will get the opportunity to choose from different options like Builder, Fighter, Explorer, Flexible and Piglin Hunter. The update has also resulted in the arrival of experimental game modes and custom campaigns. These new features help in enhancing the experience and altering the properties of the world the game is set in.

Players can also look forward to trying out some of the more accessible features like Auto Lure that can prove to be of great help to them during intense fights. When a structure gets attacked, a health bar will pop up in the Banner View.

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