GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition: Here’s What Rockstar Games Did With The New Update

GTA The Triology

A new update was rolled out on October 18 for GTA Trilogy: The Definitive Edition.

The arrival of this update brought in a lot of cheer for fans as no major update for the game had been carried out for almost seven months. Though the update made fans jubilant, there was some disappointment in store for them as well. Fans were upset about the fact that Rockstar Games didn’t address some of the major issues plaguing the game.

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Through social media, fans made it clear that were disappointed with Rockstar’s stoic silence on the aforementioned matter. Though the gaming publisher has made a claim about resolving many of the in-game issues associated with the game, fans say that the errors continue to exist.

The latest update released by Rockstar Games was called the Title Update. One can refer to it as the patch number 1.04.5. On the official website of Rockstar Games, one can see an update note shared. As per this note, only a minor detail has been mentioned by the gaming publisher. This particular development left fans confused and bewildered.

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Because of inadequate information being provided about the update, fans are quite perplexed. Two factors, in particular, that have led to fans raising questions and concerns about this update are the absence of visual modifications and its overall size. Though the gaming publisher hasn’t shared the specifics, one can see that the update sizes are huge across the different platforms.

While GTA San Andreas occupies 18.53 GB on PC, GTA 3 and Vice City consume 4.23 GB and 8.96 GB. Given the size of the update, it was quite natural for fans to expect important changes. Rockstar, however, has only made minor alterations in a bid to make the game a little more stable and smooth.

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