GTA Trilogy Remaster: Rockstar Drops a Clue About The Android Release Date of The Game

GTA Trilogy

Those who had been waiting for the Android port of the remastered version of GTA Trilogy finally have some information about it!

If you go by the Earnings Call report of Take-Two Interactive, which happens to be Rockstar Games’ parent company, you would assume that the Android port of the GTA Trilogy Remastered version would be launched in a couple of years. When you go to the FY24-FY26 section of the company’s presentation PDFs, you get some clues pertaining to it. The game, which is being officially called Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition has been listed in the Mobile category.

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As most gamers would be aware, iOS and Android ports would be categorized as mobile games. Interestingly, years have been mentioned next to the other titles that have been announced. However, no year has been linked to the Definitive Edition. Take-Two Interactive has put the game on a gaming release slate that has been designed for the Fiscal Year 2024-2026. While no specific release date has been mentioned, one gets a fair idea about when the port can be expected to be launched.

GTA Trilogy date

In the report, one can see the GTA Trilogy Remastered being mentioned in the “TITLES OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED TO-DATE” section designated for mobile games that would be given a global release. Fiscal Year 2024 – 2026 can be best described as a series of dates ranging from April 1, 2023, to March 31, 2026. Till now, Rockstar hasn’t shared any plans for releasing the iOS and Android ports. Also, there have been no prominent leaks suggesting when these versions will finally be unveiled.

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At this stage, it seems players would have to wait for as long as three years to get access to the GTA Trilogy Remastered on both iOS and Android. The original release date, of course, has been pushed forward by miles. A long time back, there were rumors about these ports getting launched in 2022. Those rumors turned out to be false and players were again in the dark about the release date of these ports.

A large number of players are interested in playing the GTA Trilogy Remastered version on their Android devices. Since there has been no official announcement from Rockstar in this regard, there is also a possibility of the new release window being revised in the near future.

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