Halo Infinite Season 2 Goes Live With Many Surprises

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Halo Infinite Season 1: Heroes of Reach took off in a big way around six months ago.

Halo Infinite Season, which has just been launched, has brought in many surprises with it. The developers seem to have made an effort to ensure it does not look like another multiplayer season that has been put together to cash in on its preceding season.

One can see a bunch of exciting elements in Season 2 including new maps, Endless Weapon Drills, multiple game modes, enhanced AI bots and balance changes. With time, one can expect a lot more upgrades to be made to the game.

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In November 2021, the multiplayer component of Halo Infinite was launched. The game had a great start thanks to its free-to-play model and for being the newest entry in the popular multiplayer franchise. After garnering a lot of popularity quickly, the game faced a bit of a dipwhat with its sales coming down. While some players complained about fresh content not being introduced in the game, there were many who pointed out the underwhelming performance put across by the game. Lack of customization options was also cited as one of the reasons behind the declining popularity of the game.

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The bright spot was the fact that 343 Industries was very receptive to the feedback and has been making efforts to fix the aforementioned issues. Apart from offering a solution to the problems faced by the players, the gaming publisher has also carried out some good initiatives like revamping Halo Infinite’s armor core system. It has also managed to impress fans by adding a lot of fresh content in the second season of the game.

Players would be happy to see a large number of modes and maps being introduced in Season 2. 343 Industries is also bringing in the Breaker Map and a ship-breaking yard for the Big Team Battle. One can find this newly introduced map in the Big Team Battle playlist, Custom Games and the Last Spartan Standing Playlist.

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Another highlight of Season 2 is Battle Pass Switching. Players have the opportunity to buy the Premium Battle Pass for Season 1 and use it to unlock multiple rewards. This particular feature has been designed to ensure that players, who had a late start in the game, also get the chance to win a lot of rewards. Fracture: Entrenched, the much-awaited Fracture event of Season 2, will have Event Challenges designed around the Land Grab game mode.

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