Minecraft Player Has Built a Temple From Moon Knight

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In Minecraft, players get the opportunity to explore their imagination to their fullest and harness their creative energies towards creating a bunch of innovative things.

The possibility of creating anything that one’s mind can think of has enabled the massive player base of the game to come up with fresh and innovative ideas that help in bringing their artistic prowess to the fore. This is one aspect of the game that draws a large number of players to it.

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Those who have followed Moon Knight, the hit show by Marvel Studios, would be able to easily identify the latest creation in Minecraft that happens to be the temple of Konshu, a prominent member of the Ennead and God of the Moon. In Moon Knight, you can see Konshu choosing Marc Spector to function as an avatar and let himself be driven by his will as he is not able to make an entry into the realm of Earth.

SamudraJS69, a Reddit user, managed to recreate the infamous temple of Konshu. The Reddit user used white blocks to put together the skull-like structure and filled the area surrounding it with forestry. In the past, there have been a few instances when Moon Knight managed to forge an entry into the video game space. Fortnite, as one would remember, included a Moon Knight skin in the game in April.

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Fans reacted quite positively to this imaginative structure that had a comic book feel to it. The user-created an image in which one can see the structure being scaled up and being surrounded by lush green forestation. Stand-out imagery is that of the pathway that leads to the skull’s mouth.

Ancient temple of Khonshu in jungle. Quick build. Any suggestion? from Minecraft

When somebody plays Minecraft, it is quite common for them to gather materials as soon as possible, so that they could create full-fledged infrastructures before it’s nightfall in the game. For a large number of players, getting a house built in Minecraft is one of the most important tasks to be accomplished. Apart from offering them shelter, it also safeguards them, to a great extent, from attacks of different kinds.

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