Xbox Live Gold Subscribers Face Issue While Trying To Download Hydro Thunder Hurricane

Xbox Live Gold

Launched in the year 2010, Hydro Thunder Hurricane played an important role in registering the presence of classic arcade games on consoles that were considered to be quite advanced then.

The boat racer game achieved tremendous success on the Xbox 360 and PC. Xbox recently made an announcement about Hydro Thunder Hurricane being offered as a free-to-play game till May 15. While this brought a lot of joy among fans, a large number of players faced disappointment when they were not able to download the game. While there is an issue, players can still download the game if they carry out a few things.

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Players, who have subscribed to Xbox Live Gold, pay $10 a month to gain access to four free-to-play games and online play for a period of three months. Recently, some of the subscribers received a rude shock when they tried to download Hydro Thunder Hurricane and were informed that the game is unavailable.

This issue has been faced by players residing in different regions or areas. Xbox players from different countries like the US, UK and Canada have confirmed the existence of this problem. What’s interesting is that this particular glitch affected individuals playing the game on browsers, consoles and the Xbox mobile app.

Can’t download Games with Gold Hydro Thunder from XboxLiveGold

After a point, a Reddit user realized that the issue is a result of a mistake committed by Microsoft. The company has listed two different but identical iterations of Hydro Thunder Hurricane. Players were supposed to receive the regular Xbox 360 version from Xbox Live Games with Gold. However, the game that is available on the service for free is Xbox Live Arcade. At the moment, there is no clarity on what led to this mix-up. However, one can assume that the technical team goofed up in some way or the other.

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Despite the occurrence of this problem, those who have subscribed to Xbox Live can still get the game for free. The first thing that players need to do is look for Hydro Thunder Hurricane on the Xbox 360 Marketplace. Once they find it, they have to find the version that is titled Full – Game Hydro Thunder Hurricane. This particular game is priced at $14.99 but it features a gold box listing that states it is ‘free’ for the subscribers of Xbox Live Gold. Players will have to click on the option ‘Download to Xbox 360’ and ensure the game is still available for free. After confirming this, they can go ahead and claim the game for free.

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