‘Helpful’ Pokemon GO Bug Turned Into Official Feature by Niantic

Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO players recently observed that Niantic has turned a helpful Pokemon GO bug into a bonafide feature.  

Earlier this year, the chameleon Pokemon Kecleon was introduced in Pokemon GO. This was quite a big event in the game and players were quite excited by it too. Now, players have discovered that one of the bugs, which appeared in the game around the same time, has assumed the shape of an official feature in the game.

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Niantic has made a conscious effort to expand the number of Pokemon in the game with time. This year, too, it has taken several important steps in this direction. In the latter half of this year, Pokemon GO will be introducing the Primal versions of Groudon and Kyogre in the game.

The inclusion of Kecleon in Pokemon GO worked very well for the players. Earlier, players would be required to spin a Pokestop to trace an invisible Kecleon. After the launch of the newest update, Niantic has converted the bug into a proper feature in the game.

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This particular discovery has been made by –Nintendo, a user who is a part of the TheSilphRoad sun Reddit that revolves around Pokemon GO. In its patch notes, Niantic acknowledged the presence of a Kecleon bug that was actually helping the players in different ways. Therefore, instead of eliminating it, it was added as a feature in the game.

Bug causing Kecleon being visible on Pokéstops outside Trainer’s radius has been added as feature.
by u/-Nintendo in TheSilphRoad

While the inclusion of Kecleon has been received very well by the fans, one expects a bunch of other fan-favorite Pokemon to be added to the game this year. A leak, which came out in the month of February, hinted at a bunch of Hisuian monsters arriving in Pokemon GO later this year. Niantic, however, hasn’t shared any confirmation on this yet.

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