How to Find The Best Screen Recorder Software?

Movavi screen recorder

Whether you are a gaming YouTuber or an entrepreneur making videos to pitch your clients, a screen recorder software is an essential business tool. Recommendations from a friend or colleagues don’t always work because your requirements might be different from theirs.

Choosing a screen video recording software is not always easy because multiple factors play a role in it. Don’t worry, we have got you covered.

How to find the best screen recorder software?

Here are five factors that you should remember while finding the best screen recorder software:

1. Capture options

Most software offer full screen capture but it limits your options. The software you choose should at least offer window and region capture along with full screen capture. Some also offer timer controlled capture, which is an added advantage.

At the same time, it should also be able to record video calls, software demos and job interviews. Make sure you don’t purchase a software, which offers too many features as it can be confusing. It is also frustrating since you won’t be able to find the capture option of your choice.

2. Editing features

The screen video recorder should be able to offer specific tools to record and add voice over and annotation. An added feature is converting videos from one format to another. A software’s in-built editor is the most crucial factor when it comes to selecting a screen capture tool.

It should also offer other features like special sound effects, transition, highlight parts of the video, slow motion and shapes. These options should be mentioned clearly so that you don’t have a difficult time finding it.

3. Cloud storage

Storing very large files isn’t practical as saving them takes a lot of files. Choose a software that offers cloud storage when you upgrade to premium version. Some software offer free cloud storage, while others will charge a fee for it. When it is stored online, you can open it anywhere and edit the videos.

4. Ease of use

It should have a simple and easy to use interface. A complicated software is difficult to navigate and you spend most of the time finding editing options. You don’t have to be a computer expert to know how to use the software.

5. Compatibility

The software should be compatible with a number of mobile phones and tablets like Apple, Samsung, Google, HTC, Blackberry and Amazon. It should also allow you to save the video in multiple formats like mp4, mov, and avi among others.

Screen video recorder

Other features

Some special features you can look for include customizing hotkeys, scheduling record date and time, capturing screenshots, sharing directly on social media accounts and creating zip files for group sharing. Some software also allow you to watch the video at superfast speed, record in rewind and record audio from a third-party equipment or software.

The software should also be able to create shareable links to access record history and option to print the captured screenshot images.

Which is the best software?

You can find several software available for recording screen but not every software is easy to work with. We would recommend Movavi Screen Recorder Studio because it offers all the features we mentioned above. You can export the video in 11 different formats and compatible with over 150 mobile devices. It can easily become a part of your schedule as you keep videos on record and get other work done.

You can record different types of videos from live streams and online audios to movies and TV series.  It automatically saves all videos in high-definition at a frame rate of 60 frames per second. You can adjust the capture area and add smooth transitions to bring the video together. You can also split the video into multiple parts, add captions, stickers, and images, and add sound effects.

It is also easy to use. All you have to do is open Movavi screen recorder studio on your Windows or iOS computer, hit record, position the capture screen, and start recording. If you want to add a voiceover, connect a microphone to your computer and record it along with the video. You can adjust the frame rate and volume. Remove unwanted footage, add background music, and apply special transition effects and color filters. Save it in the format you want and upload it on YouTube or prepare for a presentation for your clients.