The Sims 4 Reacts to Requests Pouring in for the Addition of Pronouns to the Game

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For the longest time, requests were coming in to add pronouns to The Sims 4.

Though there were demands of different kinds being made by the fans, this particular feature was one of the most requested items by the fans. Earlier this year, this campaign picked up further steam owing to the circulation of a fan petition which at present boasts of close to 20,000 signatures. At the moment, gamers don’t get the option to choose they/them or any pronouns in a gender-neutral manner.

During the recent Inside Maxis stream, the team associated with the Sims reacted to the demands for pronouns and said that they are analyzing this particular feature and might add it in the future. The response given by the team was highly appreciated by the fans.

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SimGuruDoi stated that the team is very pleased to respond to queries pertaining to the pronouns. He further said that the team has taken note of the large number of requests pouring in for the same and had been discussing the possibility of adding it to the game.

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SimGuruDoi also assured the fans that The Sims 4 team has always been very serious about representing characters and communities of all kinds. According to him, it’s not a ‘destination’ but a ‘journey’ through which the team will continue to evolve just like our society. He said that they have been reading every comment through which fans have expressed their desire to see pronouns in the game and this just shows that they have been serious about it.

“At this time, we can’t confirm anything in regards to timing. What we can say is that for a long time, our team has been evaluating ways to add gender-neutral language while considering how complex it would be to do so”, he said in a statement.

Speaking further on the topic, SimGuruDoi shared that the reason it will take them a while to add the pronouns is because of the fact that they have to take all the different languages that one comes across in the game into account.

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“We want to thank you for your continued support for a truly representative environment in-game. We are hopeful for the future. We look forward to sharing progress when we are able to as well as on our future plans for this aspect and others across the game as well”, he said on a parting note.

Recently, the Sims 4 team revealed the plans they have for the summer season. They confirmed the fact that an Expansion Pack, along with a new game, will be launched before July arrives. On May 18, the Courtyard Oasis Kit, which derived its basic structural idea from the riads of Morocco, was launched.

In recent times, the popularity of the Sims 4 has increased quite significantly. At the moment, the game is available on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Mac.

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