Mario for Android : Super Mario Android Not Completely Free

SuperMarioRun on Android

Mario game for the mobile phone is now available on Android and available as a free application.

Nintendo has released the Super Mario Run game for Android devices and users can now download the game and install it using the Google Play Store.

SuperMarioRun 4 new color

Mario – Free Levels

However, players will have to pay $10 for each of the levels once you have crossed the first three levels. There is another version in the pipeline, the 2.0 version for Mario, which will offer some more features, along with the easy mode. The update 2.0 for the Super Mario Run for Android will come with additional Yoshi colors along with new buildings, reports Gamespot. Some levels of the game will be available for free. The 2.0 version update of the Mario game will also be available for player on the iOS platform.

Price Details

The price of the Super Mario Run for Android continues to remain at $9.99. Once the users have played the initial few free levels, they will have to purchase the rest of the game.

Game fans using Android had earlier hoped that Nintendo would reduce the charges for the Super Mario Run game with the release of the game on the new platform. There were some industry pundits who claimed that the price of the Mario for Android would drop and come to $6.99 and this would have made a positive difference for Android players, who typically don’t spend as much money on mobile games, when compared to iOS players.

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Reaction to the Game

More than 78 million of the iOS users have downloaded the Mario game, but only 5% of these have bought the complete game. It still remains to be seen how Android users will react to this new Nintendo Mario game on mobile devices. There have been many reactions and remarks on the review sections of the Play Store where users have stated that they are not willing to pay the $10 for the game.

Android users are typically used to free mobile game models, with the normal games allowing the user to download the game completely for free and then make some in app purchases if they wish, allowing them to progress faster in the game. However, Super Mario Run comes with no in app purchases and the player has to clear a level in order to unlock a special aspect. This means that players will actually be spending less money when they buy the Mario game in one single purchase, than when they spend money on in app purchases in a free game.

SuperMarioRun on Android

New Levels

Super Mario Run was first released for the iOS platform in the month of November last year in 2016. It was exclusive to the iOS platform at the time. Nintendo had held on to the release of the game for Android platforms, so that users would not extract the apk files for pirating the game. The game comes with only twenty-four levels and it is rumored that Nintendo has no plans for adding any more levels as of now. This is different from other free games where levels are added on a continual basis.

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