The Sims 4 Bowling Night Stuff Pack Gameplay Features and New Screenshots Revealed

Bowling Night Stuff pack The Sims 4

The Bowling Night stuff pack for the Sims 4 is here confirming rumors and it’s going to have plenty of things to make your nights interesting.

The name gives a very clear idea of what the pack would offer. Electronic Arts and developer Maxis rolled out a patch update along with which they detailed the upcoming Bowling Night Stuff pack. The pack will allow players to create their own bowling hangout with neon lights, decor and a bar where the Sims could hang out. Once done, you can invite your friends and colleagues to come in for a great weekend night.

Bowling Night Stuff pack The Sims 4

Competing with other sims is what the new stuff pack is all about. There will be the newly designed bowling lane in which you can show your skills, score higher and do some trick shots to impress a man or woman. The place can also be customized with retro furniture, dim lighting to recreate the effects of a pub and to even enjoy a moonlight bowling experience like never before.

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With the new pack in the Sims 4, players will receive retro outfits and shirts they can show off. Just like many other skills in the game, your character will continue to get better in the game as they play it repeatedly. Another interesting feature is that your bowling alley with a bar, nightclub and lounges will attract other people in the neighborhood.

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When they level up, the Sims will start wearing a glove to have better grip on the bowling ball. You can also customize the bowling kingpins with a skull logo but achieving the perfect Llama is the biggest feat of them all. It can be added to your cap only when you manage to throw ten strikes in a single game. Oasis springs dust bowl is another addition that is part of the Bowling Night Stuff pack.

The Sims 4 Bowling Night Stuff pack

The Sims 4 stuff pack is quite large compared to other packs released so far as it offers more activities to engage in and also promotes group fun events. Apart from being a bowling point, the place will also be a nightclub and a lounge for people to hang out for a night of great drinking, fun and laughter. Gameplay videos of the stuff pack are already online and it is also available on the Origin store for purchase. You can choose to buy it immediately or wait for another discount sale to buy multiple packs at once.

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