Xbox Series X and Series S Sold with the Help of Microsoft’s Console Purchase Pilot Program

Xbox PS5

Microsoft has taken a major step with regard to the sale and distribution of Xbox consoles.

It is now giving Xbox enthusiasts the opportunity to buy the Xbox Series X and Series S directly from them without the involvement of any middleman.

Last month marked the launch of the Xbox Purchase pilot which enabled those, who are a part of the Xbox infrastructure, to get ahead of scalpers and bypass the difficult experience and the agonizing efforts involved in purchasing a new-generation console. Through this new initiative, Microsoft has made things easier for potential buyers by offering them direct access to their team. Buyers can now reach out to Microsoft directly and buy new hardware from them.

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There was one problem though. Because of space constraints, a large number of potential buyers could not benefit from this opportunity despite having signed up for the Insiders program. On the brighter side, the official Twitter account of the Xbox insiders has confirmed that a new round will be introduced soon. The players will then have the chance to purchase new-generation consoles like the Xbox series X or the Xbox series S.

At the moment, this service is available only for users based in the United States. If you live in the US, you can sign up to be a part of the Xbox Insider Hub through its PC app or Xbox one. Just go to the Previews tab on the app or the phone and you will be able to register your name there. Many players were left disappointed when they weren’t selected in the last round. The good news, for them, is that they have entered the new wave by default.

In the next few days, the players will be informed whether their attempt to purchase the console was successful or not. It must be remembered that many of the players who put forward their application won’t pass the final selection round as the supply is not adequate and the brand, anyways, doesn’t offer you any guarantee.

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The truth is that even the ones who managed to buy a new generation console are aware of the fact that there is an acute shortage of these at the moment. It is quite a well-known fact that companies that manufacture consoles have been finding it difficult to keep up with the ever-increasing demand for these devices. A while back, Xbox had stated that it wished that it had the kind of supplies that could cater to the humongous demand for the product.

Ground reality suggests that the shortage in supply of new generation hardware will continue to be a problem till sometime in 2022. The players should at least be happy with the fact that companies like Microsoft are carrying out such thoughtful initiatives which ensure that there is no black marketing and the consoles at least get bought by those who will use them well.

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