Microsoft Officially Removes 12-Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription Plan

XBox Live Gold

Microsoft has some future plans rolling out before the grand launch of the Xbox Series X and possibly another affordable console.

The 12-month Xbox Live gold subscription plan has been officially removed from the Xbox store much to the surprise of many. There is no word on how this will be handled in the future.

When it was first removed from the store, most people assumed that the company may have had some technical errors. After all, both Sony and Microsoft offer one-year plans for their services which will enable gamers to gain access to online games as well as free games on a monthly basis. As long as they were subscribed to the service, they can have access to an entire library of titles collected over the years.

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However, things changed when the company announced the Xbox Game Pass which is similar to Netflix but with lots of game titles. Recently, it was confirmed that Project X Cloud will be merged with Game Pass so that you can stream your games on any platform including tablets and smartphones. While the service is limited to specific countries at this point, when it rolls out on a global scale it could change gaming forever. For $15, you should be able to play games from the cloud from a huge library on any device of your choice including computers, smartphones and any Xbox console.

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Expanding their Newest Services

Instead of focusing on the Xbox Live Gold membership which usually sold for $60 to $70 a year in the past, Microsoft merged the game pass with gold and called it the Xbox Ultimate. Right now, people will no longer be able to purchase it for an entire year. Instead, players will have to go for the ultimate pack which will provide them access while also including an entire collection of game library and the project cloud X streaming service.

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For some people, the collective plans may sound like an excellent proposition because Microsoft is moving towards a future where Xbox One and other Xbox consoles work like Gaming PCs. However, Sony is going the older route by launching the PS5 which will not have so much backward compatibility but rather focus only on the games they have available in the next-generation platform.

A big reveal is set for the Xbox Series X Games Showcase on 23rd July during which we can expect more info on the removal of the 12-month Xbox Live Gold and the future of the subscription service.

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