Microsoft Ready To Expand Call of Duty Player Base Through Nvidia and Nintendo

Call of Duty Season 6 Art

In order to increase the Call of Duty player base, Microsoft will use the resources of Nvidia and Nintendo.

Microsoft has officially announced that it will launch Xbox PC games on the GeForce Now streaming service of Nvidia. The Call of Duty franchise will be a part of this launch plan. The publisher has confidently asserted that its agreements with Nvidia and Nintendo will result in the Call of Duty becoming accessible to close to 150 million gaming enthusiasts across the world.

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In a press conference, Brad Smith, who operates as the vice chairman of Microsoft, stated that Nintendo and Nvidia will greatly help them in their endeavor to add 150 million players to the ever-expanding player base of the Call of Duty franchise.

Smith also said that he was well aware of the kind of thoughts people have in their minds pertaining to the acquisition. A lot of people believe that this acquisition would result in many of the popular games being less accessible. Smith has stated that such fears are misplaced and this acquisition, in fact, will expand the reach of many games greatly. This acquisition, Smith added, would only do good things for all the parties involved.

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If one goes by Smith’s statements, one of the reasons why Microsoft is so keen on getting this deal come through is because it will help Call of Duty reach out to a much larger group of players. However, if the deal does not materialize, the company could face a bit of a setback. The deal, which is supposed to have a duration or tenure of 10 years, will result in GeForce Now featuring all Xbox PC games. The acquisition might also lead to a lot of crossovers happening between different Xbox Series X games.

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