New GTA 6 Rumor Claims Something Important About The Game


It’s pretty common to find a GTA 6 rumor or two doing the rounds quite regularly.

However, the one that has come to the fore recently has sparked a lot of discussion in the GTA online community.

Whenever a new GTA 6 rumor comes, fans get very excited and look forward to it offering some scoop on the game. The new rumor makes a very important claim about the much-awaited game. This particular rumor has been spread by AleixVenturas, a prominent contributor to Rockstar Mag.

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If one goes by what Venturas has stated, the next game in the GTA franchise will utilize water technology that will bear a strong resemblance to NVIDIA Wave works. What is interesting about this technology is that it is highly advanced and almost too expensive for most gaming publishers to consider incorporating it. Venturas believes that the game will feature some adventurous water-based activities. This type of technology, therefore, was imperative for the publishers to invest in.

Venturas has further claimed that Rockstar Games has planned to hire close to 20 engineers and get them to work in the Rockstar San Diego studio division widely known as the RAGE Technology Group. The idea is to put together a new water-based physics system for GTA 6. At the moment, most video games utilize a mesh system or wireframe to serve as a symbolic representation of water.

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The wireframe helps in creating an impression of liquid. RAGE 9 has been designed as a new system that will enable the presence of physically stimulated water. While this type of technology has been used extensively in 3D applications and films over the years, one was waiting for its real-time application in films. This particular experiment has been attempted earlier by NVIDIA with WaveWorks 1.0 and 2.0 but there was a lot more left to do on this front.

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