Minecraft Bug Makes It Easier To Obtain Rare Achievement

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Minecraft players can now stake claim to a rare achievement owing to a new glitch in the game.

A large number of individuals who play Minecraft are the ones who keep looking for ways to unlock achievements. Recently, a player came across a glitch in the game which makes it much more convenient to a hard-to-obtain achievement that involves eliminating a Ghast found in the Overworld dimension.

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The Minecraftplayer community has come across several exploits in the last many years. As a result of this, several Minecraft players have made attempts to speedrun the game and complete many of the steps in one go.

However, seasoned players are well aware of the fact that the ‘Uneasy Alliance’ achievement is something that only a handful of players manage to crack. The players have to take up the task of getting a Ghast to enter the Overworld and then, kill it. Though the task might sound quite simple, it has several complexities attached to it. The fast movement speed exhibited by the Ghast is one of the biggest issues here. The inconsistent hitbox and the high damage output are some of the other concerns.

Ghasts are exclusively found in the Nether dimension of Minecraft. Because of the Ghasts’ huge size, it becomes essential for players to put together a massive Nether portal in order to get the Uneasy Alliance achievement unlocked.

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Recently, a player stumbled upon a method to unlock this achievement in a much more convenient manner. The player, who goes by the name TSlyme1 on Reddit, put together a post and shared it on the website. This post features the details of the moment in which the player fired an arrow while getting out of the Nether using the portal. While the player was moving across the dimensions, Ghast was killed. Because of this well-timed and accurate shot, the player managed to unlock the Uneasy Alliance achievement.

I had no idea this was possible
by u/TSlyme1 in Minecraft

The player was on an SMP server when they managed to do this. Using this method in single-player mode is quite possible as Nether chunks do not get completely unloaded when the loading process of Overworld chunks is taking place.

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