The Sims 4: New Console Update Marks The Arrival of a New Issue In The Game

sims 4 new pack

While the new Sims 4 update has addressed a change that many fans were not happy with, it has also brought in a new problem!

Some of the Build Mode changes in The Sims 4 had not worked well for players. The developers took the players’ feedback into account and have now done away with those changes. In other words, those changes have now been rolled back. However, certain new changes have now irked up fans.

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A couple of months back, the Xbox and PlayStation versions of the game received a major update which brought in various adjustments designed for enhancing the Build Mode navigation with the help of a controller. Once this update was rolled out, the new controls received a great amount of criticism. Many players went to the extent of calling the experience of using them to be frustrating and wanted them removed from the game immediately.

The base game update, that was released this week, addressed some of the aforementioned issues. According to the developers, some “previous functionality” was restored through this update. While console players are happy with certain aspects of the update, a series of new changes pertaining to the controller remapping for Live Mode have created a debate amongst players. Some players are fine with it and there are many who are not.

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Some of the changes that were brought to the game revolved around the functionalities of the bumper and trigger buttons. The recent update resulted in the bumper buttons switching from one Sim to another. The triggers worked towards changing the game speed. According to the patch notes, this particular change was made to ensure there is some amount of consistency and coherence between Create-a-Sim and Live Modes.

A lot of other changes have been made to the controller as well. A lot of players have stated that they are facing some major issues with the remapped controls. Clearly, a lot of players are not happy with the speed at which the game moves now. Many players have said that it would be a good idea if button remapping is made optional for everybody.

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