Minecraft Players Cheer At The Inclusion of Multi-Threaded Servers

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The servers of the 3D sandbox game were always single-threaded but now, multi-threaded servers are being added to it.

While Minecraft has been a popular game right from the time it was launched in the year 2011, there were certain elements in the game that players hoped would improve with time. Minecraft servers, for instance, have been single-threaded. Because of this, when a large player base had to be hosted, players would have to pay a good amount of money to get access to a server that has a lot of memory and offers sturdy single-core performance.

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While there had been attempts to create separate threads in the past, those experiments didn’t turn out to be very successful. For the longest time, players had been hoping for multi-threaded servers to be introduced in Minecraft. Their wish has finally come true with Folia.

Whenever the history of gaming is tracked, Minecraft emerges as one of the most modded and hacked games. Minecraft has had a long association with mods. There have been groups that have worked towards getting Java bytecode decompiled by reverse-engineering it. In the Alpha days, Bukkit was a popular server mod that worked towards supporting plugins and adding extensions to the default Minecraft. After Bukkit, one witnessed the emergence of several other server mods. Many of these mods focused on some particular aspects like gameplay mechanics and performance. With Folia, we finally have a server mod that works on multi-threading.

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Within the Minecraft world, you come across multiple worlds. Folia works towards breaking up different chunks or sections into regions that operate in an independent manner. Adopting a multi-thread model, of course, would result in the failure of existing plugins. With time, some of these issues should get resolved. Folia would largely benefit those who run servers that are designed to serve as a base for a large number of players.

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