Minecraft Mega Man X DLC Brings Classic Characters and Soundtracks to Store

Minecraft Mega Man

Mojang, the creators are bringing Minecraft Mega Man X DLC which is one among the slew of character packs, skin packs and soundtracks they have introduced in the past.

The development team is known for some of its iconic crossovers that keep expanding the world of Minecraft to new horizons.

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After all, players could easily get bored if they are simply collecting wood, fighting zombies and just surviving on a daily basis. Mojang never fails to appease its ardent fan group because they continue to bring in some of the iconic pop culture characters from games, movies and almost all other realms. The latest in the addition is Mega Man from the vintage age of platform shooters. It is not just the iconic hero but a bunch of villains from this classic shooter have also found their way into the evergreen(!) world of Minecraft.

Minecraft Megaman

Wide Choice of Skin Packs

In association with Capcom, Minecraft Mega Man X DLC gives players a chance to experience unique and challenging levels from the X series. It doesn’t stop there because you can actually costume up as your favorite character from the series and play through these levels. It is going to be a spoilt-for-choice scenario because players could actually pick one from 14 different skins to choose from. Adding authenticity to the experience is the original soundtrack from the game which adds a touch of nostalgia to it.

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Further enhancing the experience is that players will not only be able to play solo but also join with a friend to enjoy this 90s adventure. The levels are all inspired by Mega Man X games making them as authentic as possible. When you move through the levels, you will come across some challenging villains including Vile, Storm Eagle, Armed Armadillo and Sting Chameleon. Minecraft Mega Man X DLC tries to stick to its origins as the game developers have meticulously worked to provide it not just in 3D but also as a side-scrolling adventure in select portions of the levels.

In terms of pricing, Minecraft Mega Man X DLC can be purchased with your Minecraft coins. It costs about 1,340 which is on par with $8. Considering the number of levels provided, the authentic skin packs and the soundtrack, it is a fair price and even if you haven’t played the classic shooter, this could be a time to give it a shot in Minecraft world.

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