Minecraft: New Bundles To be Introduced Four Years After Announcement

Minecraft Easter Egg

Development issues led to several delays but now, the bundles are all set to arrive on Minecraft.

Minecraft has been around for 15 years now. In these 15 years, the sandbox game has seen its share of ups and downs. The one thing, however, that has remained constant is its upward trajectory. With time, the game has managed to expand its player base significantly and emerged as one of the most successful games of all time.

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In all these years the game has been around, the one item that has attracted a lot of controversy is the bundle. Announced way back in October 2020, the bundle was designed to solve the inventory issue the game had been facing. It was supposed to give players the opportunity to keep a bunch of random items in a single slot. Owing to multiple delays, the item remained in development for years.

Those who had been waiting for the bundle to arrive for the last four years have a reason to rejoice. The official X account of the game put up a tweet stating that Minecraft bundles are being included in the game.

As stated earlier, Mojang had come up with bundles to fix the inventory issue. If we assume that the crafting recipe has not undergone any change, players will require two strings and six rabbit hides to create a bundle. As many players would be aware, Minecraft deserts tend to be the most suitable place to look for rabbits. The flat ground makes the process of seeing long distances much easier.

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In Minecraft, one has come across several storage methods till date. Bundles have a lot in common with these storage methods. Just like many of the other storage items, bundles can accommodate a variety of items. One must, however, remember that only 64 items can be kept in a bundle at any given point in time.

It was in October 2020 that one first came across an official announcement about bundles being made. Initially, there was a plan to integrate them with Caves and Cliffs. However, one saw them being split into three different standalone pieces. The major reason behind the bundles getting delayed was the developer facing several developmental-related issues. For the longest time, Mojang was not sure as to how it should go about designing the UI. Now, players have to determine whether the long wait was worth it or not.

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