Recycled Xbox Controller – Remix Special Edition is Eco Friendly and has Built-in Battery

Xbox UI revamp

This is not a recycled Xbox controller but a product made entirely from recycled materials.

With so much electronic and plastic waste surmounting in the world, companies are doing their part to reuse them in different ways. The color combination is exciting even though it may not favor everyone’s liking because of the contrasting pair up.

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Microsoft has aptly named it Remix Special Edition because this particular recycled controlled is not just made from a single piece of junk but so many items including broken Xbox controllers from the past, compact discs which are hardly in use these days and all kinds of plastic, even including water jugs that people simply throw away in tourist zones.

The initiative is to commemorate the grand Earth Day Celebrations and to send a message that recycled materials can be used to create new products, saving the planet from too much waste being dumped on it. The colors are quite unique because it uses parts that were previously colored and processed but were molded into something different so as to achieve the new recycled Xbox controller.

Generations of Controllers

Players who look for uniqueness in everything they buy would enjoy this purchase because this is not just another controller but something that has a story behind it. Reclaimed materials, according to Microsoft, include so many weird stuff including broken plastic water bottles, automotive headlight covers and compact discs among so many. All or most of these items cannot be processed which is why they are being reused to create a usable product.

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The design of the recycled Xbox controller is very unique and is often known as grind products. They are so common in the clothing industry and are now making their way into the gaming industry as well. The color scheme is fun for some while other Xbox controllers are still way ahead in terms of unique design. A rechargeable battery pack is also part of the deal. The Remix Special Edition costs about $85 and is set for launch on April 18th.

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