Minecraft RCE Hack: Servers and Mods Suffer From Major Risk

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A new RCE hack in Minecraft is adversely affecting servers that support specific mods and mod packs!

A Minecraft RCE hack seems to have affected servers that run certain mods in the game. This also puts players at a great amount of risk if they play using those servers. Though one doesn’t know the seriousness of this hack as yet, Minecraft has been discussing the dangers associated with it.

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The Minecraft Malware Prevention Alliance or MMPA has extensively discussed Bleeding Pipe, which happens to be a Remote Code Execution vulnerability that affects several Minecraft players based on their mods and mod packs.

Interestingly, Bandai Namco had just finished the process of bringing back the Dark Souls servers after the recent RCE hack which enabled poorly skilled actors, masquerading as in-game invaders, to get inside a player’s PC and run malicious code.

The MMPA, after thorough analysis, has stated that the 1.7.10 and 1.12.2 mod packs are extremely vulnerable. It also asserted that any other version of the game could suffer if an affected mod has already been installed. While the MMPA said that there is “no concrete way of detecting this attack”, certain detection methods are available.

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The MMPA has listed a bunch of mods in the Bleeding Pipe post that are vulnerable. It has also stated that RCE is affecting the servers that use the impacted mods and mod packs. With time, more information about this should emerge to the fore.

As per a recently published report, a computer science student from German, who refers to themselves as ‘DogBoy21’, has managed to identify close to three dozen popular mods that can be affected by the hack. For the time being, it would be a good idea for players to stay away from playing with unpatched mods.

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