Mojang Gears Up To Release Minecraft 1.20 Beta Version

Minecraft 1.20 Update

Players rejoice as Minecraft releases the beta version of Minecraft 1.20. They now wait for the full version of the update to release!

Mojang has launched the pre-release 1 version of the Minecraft 1.20 update. This is quite an important step taken by the gaming publisher and one that is bound to make fans of the game happy. Among other things, this beta version makes it quite evident that the newest update of the game has passed the snapshot phase. The launch of the pre-release version makes fans hopeful about the official update releasing soon.

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The Minecraft 1.20 update has been designed to offer players a bunch of new features like new blocks, biomes, mobs and several other items. With this update, players can also look forward to several items pertaining to sniffers, camels, archeology and the Cherry Grove biome.

Those who are familiar with the Minecraft updates would know that each of these updates goes through a series of steps or processes that are designed to bring about enhancements to the game. Initially, the update goes through the snapshot phase. This particular phase, it must be noted, tends to be quite long as this is where the publisher includes the new features and tests them as well. This phase is also a little elaborate as various bugs are fixed and major changes are made to the game. Players get the opportunity to try all the snapshots and share their feedback on them with the developers as well.

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After the completion of the snapshot phase, the update goes through the pre-release phase. The Trails and Tales update is currently in that stage. In this phase, the publisher works towards getting rid of the bugs affecting the various features in the game.

The launch of the pre-release 1 update of Minecraft 1.20 makes it clear that Mojang is done with adding new features to the game and is now focused on driving away the smaller bugs affecting it. Certain tweaks are also expected to be made to the update.

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