Valve Excited by Steam Deck Competitor Asus ROG Ally

Steam Deck

For the first time, a proper Steam Deck competitor has emerged and Valve is really happy about it.

When Sony launched the PSP and PS Vita, they had competitors like Nintendo 3DS and older models. However, the lack of competition led to the downfall of PS Vita which may not happen with the newly launched Steam Deck.

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Nintendo Switch may not be an actual competitor because they are filled with first party titles, plenty of control established by the hardware maker and not actually on par with a handheld Gaming PC. However, Asus ROG Ally has simply shattered all the barriers because it runs on a 1080p high definition display combined with 120Hz refresh rate. The specifications and the inclusion of an AMD chip on the inside makes it a proper gaming PC on the go, just like Steam Deck.

All these reasons put together had made Valve really excited that a market is building up and competition ensures they optimize their games better for the platforms. Asus ROG Ally is no longer a reviewer model but a product that has been officially launched and has a price tag. It will be made available worldwide eventually. The surprise came from Valve who actually made a tweet.

Congratulating Their Competitors

In an official tweet, they have congratulated the Asus team for releasing a handheld gaming console with proper Windows 11 support. Obviously, it runs all its games on Steam too and is a PC handheld growing according to the tweet. Steam’s statement further confirmed that a competitor is much needed in every space for the ecosystem to grow and allow all game developers to focus on delivering the best gaming experience.

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The Steam Deck competitor is still in its early stages and game support may take more time but it will eventually be a great addition. The Asus ROG Ally was not an April Fool’s joke but a proper gaming console that will change the industry yet again.

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