Mojang Officially Announces Minecraft-Themed Crochet Kits

Minecraft Crochet Kits

The crochet kits have brought in a variety of content to Minecraft fans.

After being launched in the year 2011, Minecraft has steadily emerged as one of the most popular sandbox games to have been made. One of the factors that have contributed to the success of the game is its ability to offer interesting merchandise to the fan base at regular intervals. Now, Minecraft has collaborated with The Woobles to put together a collection of crochet kits revolving around the several mobs one encountered in the flagship game of Mojang.

The newest collaboration of Minecraft features several bundles of crochet kits and accessories. Along with popular mobs like pigs, creepers and the Warden, players also get to see accessories like saddles, swords and Music Disc 5. Fans also have the option of buying crochet kits and accessories as separate entities. Players can also choose to buy all the kits and accessories as a singular bundle. Fans can purchase crochet kits and accessories through The Woobles’ official website. The content and pricing of different products could differ from one another.

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The three crochet kits, namely the creeper crochet kit, pig crochet kit and the warden crochet kit, are priced at $40 USD. All these kits come equipped with a plethora of content that make them come across as good investments.

While the creeper crochet kit features a green pre-started yarn, a custom 4mm crochet hook, black Easy Peasy yarn, a yarn needle, a carrying bag, the creeper’s eyes and mouth and step-by-step video instructions, the pig crochet kit comes with a pink pre-started yarn, a custom 4mm crochet hook, stuffing, the pig’s eyes, step-by-step video instructions, a carrying bag and a Peasy yarn. The warden crochet kit contains many things which you would find in the other two kits.

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As far as accessories are concerned, you get the iron sword kit, the saddle kit and the Music Disc 5 kit to choose from. Each of these accessories are priced at $7 USD. Out of the four bundles, three (dynamite duo bundle, pig saddle up bundle and a-warden-winning bundle) are priced at $47 USD. The Total Block Star Bundle, on the other hand, is priced at $141 USD.

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