Mysterious Xiaomi M1901F9T, M1901F9E and Vivo V1821A, V1821T Phones Certified by China’s MIIT

Vivo V1821A

A new Xiaomi phone with variants M1901F9T and M1901F9E have been approved by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

The same Chinese authority has also approved a new Vivo smartphone with variants V1821A and Vivo V1821T. The China Compulsory Certificate (3C) body has also certified the Vivo V1821A/T phone.

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Xiaomi M19101F9T and M19101F9E

The exact identity of the Xiaomi M19101F9T/E smartphone is still under the wraps. Xiaomi is yet to launch the Redmi Note 6 Pro smartphone in China. Hence, the newly spotted phone could be the Note 6 Pro or an entirely different phone.

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What’s interesting about the model number of this mysterious phone is that it starts with M19 whereas Xiaomi phones that have released this year have had M18 at the beginning of their model numbers. For instance, the Xiaomi Pocophone F1 has a model number of M1805E10A whereas the Mi A2 Lite has a model number of M1804D2XX.

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There is a possibility that the Xiaomi M19101F9T/E could be one of the first phones arriving in the year 2019 which makes us believe this could be Xiaomi Mi 9 or Mi 8s. The appearance of the smartphone on TENAA in the near future may spill some vital information on it.

Xiaomi M1901F9T

Vivo V1821A and Vivo V1821T

Vivo has been consistently launching new phones. In the recent past, it had launched new phones such as Vivo X23 Symphony Edition, Vivo Y97, Vivo Y95 and Vivo Y93. It seems the Chinese manufacturer has some more phones waiting in the pipeline to announce before the end of 2018.


As usual, the CMIIT certification of V1821A/T has revealed any details on its specs. However, through its 3C certification it has been known that it will be an upper mid-range handset from the company. The reason behind it is that it carries support for 22.5W fast charging.

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