NBA 2K23: MyTeam Packs To Make a Comeback In The Basketball Video Game

NBA 2K23

NBA 2K23 fans have always been fond of the MyTeam Packs and now, they are all set to return to the game!

Many interesting elements were added to MyTeam’s NBA 2K23 version. However, the one thing that stood out was the Equal Chance packs. Players got the opportunity to earn or purchase a pack that could feature every single card in the current set through this pack. This was a huge opportunity for players as standard packs limit one’s chances of stumbling upon the best players.

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Though your luck plays an important role in determining how fruitful your efforts turn out to be, the Equal Chance Packs increase the chances of you being given the player you wanted. 2K Sports has now made an official announcement about this fan-favorite type making a comeback to NBA 2K23.

Though Equal Chance packs have been a part of 2K23 for a long time, they were available only in the Token Market. This particular version of Equal Chance packs can be bought from the pack store and earned in the form of rewards by participating in different game modes. These packs come armed with five distinctive 99 OVR players including the much-celebrated Donovan Mitchell. The other players are Bill Walton, Jason Richardson, Caron Butler and Amar’eStoudemire. In the near future, one can look forward to the inclusion of many more exciting players.

2K Sports has ensured players that new Rush players will be introduced in the game every week throughout the seventh season. If five new players get introduced every week, players will have as many as thirty cards by the time the season comes to an end. There is a lot of time, so players should expect some top-tier stars to join the list soon.

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Since the last several weeks, 2K Sports hasn’t really been successful at providing players with the kind of content they had been looking for. However, looking at their recent strategies, players wouldn’t have much to complain about in the near future.

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