Spiderman 2 Co-Op is Not Coming, Insomniac Confirms

Spider man 2

Spiderman 2 co-op was a most wanted feature that players were looking forward to enjoy when the game officially releases.

In their new statement to put an end to rumors, Insomniac, the development house of the upcoming webbed fighter game confirmed that there will be no co-op in the game.

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From a practical standpoint, creating a co-operative gameplay like Assassin’s Creed Unity requires lots of resources. Players should own two PlayStation 5 consoles in order to be able to play with a friend. Another question that continues to plague the developers is the sheer number of people who will actually make use of this feature. Unlike a multiplayer title, this one requires players to buy $70 worth Spiderman 2 twice and also be available online at the same time.

An old school concept of split screen like they provided in Gears of War or old Crash Bandicoot games is definitely not an option in modern day graphics. A single instance of the game is more than enough to push the PS5 hardware to its limits which is why Spiderman 2 co-op is out of the question using ancient methods of gameplay.

Correcting Media Reports

Insomniac had to make an official statement as the comments originated from Miles Morales actor, Nadji Jeter. Without actual knowledge about the game, the voice actor in a press session said that he doesn’t have a clear idea about co-op in Spiderman 2 or not but it will probably have the feature.

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The random comment was further boosted by Reddit users and news publications started reporting it as if it is the truth. Insomniac didn’t want any negative publicity on their game because if done wrongly, it could very well affect the game sales when it gets launched. They officially confirmed that Spiderman 2 co-op is not happening but the game will feature both Miles Morales and Peter Parker in important roles in the game.

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