Nintendo Targeting 10 Million Switch 2 Units in 2024 with No OLED Screen at Launch

nintendo switch 2

The Japanese game console maker Nintendo is allegedly working on a new variant of the gaming handheld that is called the Switch 2.

Some perceptions of this device have been put forward by Bloomberg reporter Takashi Mochizuki and market research analyst Hiroshi. It is expected that around 10 million units of the Nintendo Switch 2 will be produced by the manufacturer in its first fiscal year.

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A tweet by Takashi Mochizuki highlights that this large production count means that the Switch 2 will be easier to find on the shelves than the XSX/S and PS5 which faced a huge chip crunch at launch.

Nintendo Switch 2 Screen

The current standard and OLED variants of the Nintendo Switch feature screen sizes of 6.2 inches and 7 inches respectively. However, the new Switch 2 takes a detour from this and will in all likelihood sport a larger 8-inch LCD screen.

Fans are skeptical about the 8-inch size. While some gamers are happy that more screen estate will allow more visual information to be presented, there are others who are doubtful of how comfortable this size would be to play on the go as the large size will contribute to the overall bulkiness of the console.

Although there will be no OLED option at the time of launch this year, the manufacturer has not ruled this out completely for now. It is quite possible that the OLED version will make its presence felt in the future.

Other Specifications

At the Gamescom event organized last year, Nintendo showcased the upcoming Switch 2 to developers and publishers. Based on those leaks, it is anticipated that the console will meet the needs of everyday gamers. The device is expected to house an NVIDIA Tegra 239 chipset. The Switch will also incorporate 8 GB RAM along with 64 GB storage space.

There are also talks doing the rounds that the console will offer support for Ray Tracing to allow for 1080p gameplay and the possibility of including a 5nm or 8nm node-based processor.

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The transition from OLED to LCD is likely to make the Nintendo Switch 2 a little more affordable. The stipulated price tag is around $399 which matches earlier reports indicating a price of around $400. This price takes the present currency exchange rate effects and manufacturing costs into consideration.

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