New Rumors Suggest EA is Working on a Battlefield 3 Remaster

Electronic Arts make some good business decisions every now and then. The decision to remove expansion packs and DLC maps completely for the Battlefield series is a great move.

It allowed players to not get isolated for not purchasing the premium edition. They are also working on a remastered version of Battlefield 3 which is amazing for serious multiplayer fanatics.

With nearly three to four years, there hasn’t been a proper Battlefield military simulator because EA and Dice chose to focus on World War times. The weapons, equipment and vehicles during the period are completely different which is why players were looking forward to a new BF game in 2020. However, the developers and publisher confirmed they are not going to release a new game this year.

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Instead, a new rumor suggests they are working on a remastered version of the hugely successful title, Battlefield 3. With some of the most iconic maps, weapons and an excellent player base for years now, it makes a lot of sense to have a newer version of the game. Besides, it will sell much better because the modern-day military simulator with an updated graphical engine is not available in any form from Electronic Arts.

Battlefield 3

YouTuber Leaked the Rumor

A YouTuber named Daqari spotted some official documents which are no longer available online. However, the person has a strong record of leaking rumors related to Battlefield 1 and Battlefield V which is why we can’t simply brush off his claims.

From a business standpoint, it makes lots of sense to bring in a new game but without the pressure of having to develop it from the start. Battlefield 3 ticks all the right boxes because even when Battlefield 4 got launched, players were keen on having some of the iconic maps like Metro remade for the new game.

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A similar trend prevails with Call of Duty Modern Warfare as remastering old maps continue to be a fan favorite and developers heed to their request. Remastering the entire game is much better and also have a Battlefield game for 2020, priced nominally. Players will get to enjoy every map and mode they loved in the series but on the latest graphical engine designed by Dice.

There is no word on Electronic Arts making an official announcement soon but it won’t be long if it is slated for launch towards the end of 2020. Many brands choose not to launch a new game in the series every year and trying to fill it up with remastered titles sounds like a good idea.

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