Nintendo Switch 2 Might Not Arrive Before April 2025

Nintendo Switch 2 Release date

Based on the plans and strategies the Japan-based video game has, one should not expect Switch 2 to be launched in the first quarter of 2025!

For the longest time, one came across several reports related to the development process of Switch 2. Nintendo, however, refrained from talking about the console and did not even confirm its existence. A couple of days back, Nintendo provided fans with a sense of joy by making an official announcement about Switch 2.

Nintendo Switch 2 update

The company also confirmed that the console will be displayed sometime during this fiscal year. The company, however, stated that there is no possibility of it being unveiled during the yearly Direct scheduled for the month of June.

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Though Nintendo has now officially announced Switch 2, one still does not have any clarity about its release date. Shuntaro Furukawa, who serves as the president of Nintendo, has hinted at the console not seeing a release for itself before April 2025. While having a discussion with investors, Furukawa stated that Nintendo hopes to sell around 13.5 million consoles this fiscal year.

Considering the fact that Switch is in its final year, one wonders how Nintendo will be able to achieve such sales targets. During the aforementioned discussion, Furukawa made it clear that while stating this number, he did not take into account the sales of the Nintendo Switch 2. This itself suggests that Switch 2 will not be out in the market before April 2025. Since the company has not made the sales of the Switch 2 a part of its yearly forecast, one can’t help but assume that one would have to wait quite a bit to try out the console.

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Furukawa has informed investors that the launch timing for Switch 2 has not been finalized as yet. While one is pretty sure that the company would stick to its plans of launching the game sometime in 2025, there is no clarity on what the release window would be like. Based on the information one has received so far, one can expect the console to be launched sometime between April – December 2025. 2025 is expected to be a very busy year for Nintendo what with several major titles, including Pokemon Legends: Z-A, lined up for release.

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