Nintendo Switch Jailbreak is Too Early to Get Into, Hold On For Now

Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch console has been jailbroken within a span of one week but that isn’t all good news as it looks like.

It’s much better if you hold on and wait for some actual content to be rolled out to the platform to make use of this feature.

Nintendo Switch Jailbreak

The jailbreak was done by Luca Tudesco, a popular hacker who managed to break into iPhone and iPad devices in the past. Apple devices were considered to be the most difficult to get into. But, once you gain access you can readily install apps on them, enjoy free games and get some silly UI changes bypassing all restrictions Apple might have on their devices. Obviously, it also leads to warranty issues and is not completely advisable.

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In a similar style, Tudesco has jailbroken Nintendo Switch and has posted his achievement on Twitter. When it comes from such a reputed developer, we can’t deny the fact that the hybrid console has indeed been hacked into. The content is not publicly available for anyone else and it’s pretty much in its early stages at the moment. The root access allows you to install new UI on the console, tweaks and maybe add mods for Skyrim.

The entire idea is more of a theory at this point and some or maybe many of these features will not work on a Switch console as intended. The jailbreak is a work in progress and it will take weeks for them to make it possible before the general public could make use of it. However, even after the initial setup there are no user manuals, mods, emulators or software that you could download to make use of. There aren’t even that many games to download the ROMs and play them.

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Judging by the situation, jailbreaking the Nintendo Switch likes an absurd idea for now and its best you don’t try it at home. The tool creator may choose to launch it at a later stage with all the files and the instructions necessary to get into the root of your new console. It will not only void warranty but if you mess up any of the files, it may never run games again putting your $300 into the drain.

Nintendo Switch

Besides, Nintendo has a very strict policy when it comes to allowing third party companies and individuals making use of their intellectual or hardware property. They will ensure that the jailbreak tool and any other related content is taken down. You are better off playing Legend of Zelda on your Nintendo Switch and stick to what the original manufacturer offered.

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