Nintendo Switch Online Might Treat Players With an Offbeat Mortal Kombat Entry

nintendo switch 2

In a bid to expand its GBA and Game Boy libraries, Nintendo Switch Online could register a new Mortal Kombat Entry soon!

Launched just four years ago, Nintendo Switch Online has managed to build a formidable reputation for itself and a strong subscriber base. The online gaming subscription service was offered at a reasonable price of $20 upon its launch and it attracted a large number of subscribers almost immediately owing to the large amount of content and services it was offering.

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With time, the number of services and the volume of content increased with time and Nintendo Switch Online has now emerged as one of the most wholesome gaming subscription services out there. Apart from featuring a plethora of NES and SNES games, the online gaming subscription service offers a bunch of other popular games to its subscribers including Game Boy, Game Boy Advance along with several N64 games. Those who opt for the Expansion Pack of Switch Online will have access to all that the subscription service is offering them.

As is the case with other consoles supported by Nintendo Switch Online, one can see the Game Boy and Game Boy Advance libraries being expanded. The subscription service sees new titles being added to it quite regularly. The current line-up of Switch Online Game Boy is quite exciting with the presence of titles like Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Metroid 2 and Super Mario Land 2. Now, there is a possibility of a Mortal Kombat entry being added to the roaster.

Mortal Kombat Advance was launched in December 2001 and happens to be an Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 port. If you trace the history of the franchise, you will get to know that Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 is hailed as one of the best entries ever. It has been better than its predecessors in several ways. It features a plethora of content that appeals to both the old and new fans of the game.

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Mortal Kombat Advance, on the other hand, has always been looked upon as one of the weakest entries in the franchise. When the game came out in 2001, it received a lot of criticism for a variety of reasons. While its control scheme was panned by every gaming expert, the four-button layout too didn’t work for most people. The port also suffered from a large number of technical issues which hampered the prospects of the game further.

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