Nintendo’s Own E3 Will be a Fan Event Heading to Seattle

Nintendo Switch 2

After moving out of E3 for many years now, Nintendo’s own E3 will be a fan event which sounds pretty much like the kind of event that fans would have loved to have.

The event includes all the popular game titles, cosplayers and their favorite characters like Mario, Luigi making their appearance in person and so on.

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In the past, E3 was one such event which is now canceled in 2023. Named as Nintendo Live, the company has planned to host an event. While Electronic Entertainment Expo is much bigger and has all the major players including PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo making their way into the show floor, this upcoming show will be exclusive to Nintendo titles.

In their official announcement, the company has confirmed that their upcoming event will be open to people of all age groups. In the month of September, it is scheduled to take place in Seattle where not only fans, but game industry celebrities will make their presence felt. It will host live stage performances which will definitely be a gala time for the entire crowd.

An Event Dedicated to Nintendo

Nintendo’s own E3 is the ideal name for this event which doesn’t have too much information available at this point but is expected to be revealed in the coming months. The announcement was made on Twitter and is quite official which makes it all the more fun and authentic. A select number of your favorite Nintendo characters will appear at the event, confirmed on their website.

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#NintendoLive2023 is their hashtag and it is surprising that after skipping E3 for so many years, they have decided to come up with their own live event out of the blue. The place will further allow gamers to enjoy Switch gameplay on upcoming titles, and tournaments possibly with Mario Kart and Super Mario Smash along with photo ops and plenty of new announcements.

The Nintendo Switch Pro may possibly make its presence at Nintendo’s own E3 but it could be announced earlier as well.

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