Nintendo Switch Pro Controller Works with Windows PC, Obviously with Some Complex Setup

Nintendo Switch Pro

A surprise it was when a random user tried pairing the Nintendo Switch console with a Windows PC.

The controller worked seamlessly on the operating system and more importantly it didn’t require any complex pairing to make it work with games.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

All the peripherals that would make your Nintendo Switch console run sounds pretty expensive. The console in itself is about $299 which is quite expensive considering the fact that the Playstation 4 and Xbox One offer great graphics, dedicated home gaming experience for the same cost. However, Nintendo claims that their device is an entertainment machine and not a gaming system designed to run AAA titles at 4K resolution.

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The Switch Pro Controller looks a lot like the Xbox One controller. It has a bulky and handy finish that a group of players would love because of its weight. While some may say the Dualshock PS4 controller is lightweight, smaller and easy to use, PC gamers are hugely fond of the Xbox controller for over a decade now. The Pro controller resembles it. When a Reddit user named CalKnight decided to try out his luck, he connected the peripheral using Bluetooth connection.

Not all computers are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity but if you have one, this should be easier to work with. The Redditor also had Dolphin GameCube Emulator which we assume helped identify the PC as a Nintendo machine. According to the post, the user said there is a weird way to make it work seamlessly on most Windows PC games and it also worked flawlessly on Steam’s Big Picture mode.

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A video has been released online showing how the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller works with the PC. CalKnight has promised that he will release multiple videos in the following days, answering frequently asked questions and showing how the controller works on other games. If it does work without any issues, spending $70 on the Switch Pro wouldn’t go to waste. When you are not using it to play Legend of Zelda Breath of Wild on the console, you can always bring it to your computer to play Witcher 3 or any other game of your choice.

Nintendo Switch Pro

The Redditor confirmed he will work longer and will release a how-to video explaining the steps required to pair a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller with PC. While only a small share of gamers would go through these complex steps to get the job done, it still is a fun and useful way to multiply the use case scenario of the Pro controller.

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