Nintendo Switch Standalone Dock Out of Stock, Fears of Dock Recall Baseless

Nintendo Switch Dock

Nintendo Switch can no longer purchase the standalone dock for Nintendo Switch devices.

The dock was previously available to buy separately for the price of around $90. There were some rumors that the dock is being recalled, but this is not true, as they are only out of stock.

Nintendo Switch

Multiple Docks

All of the Nintendo Switch devices come with a dock in its retail packaging. However, there are also separate standalone docks sold for those users who want several docks kept in their homes.

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Standalone Dock

The dock that was being sold for $90 consists of a plastic accessory coming with a USB and also HDMI ports. The Nintendo Switch can slide into these. Nintendo has been selling these standalone units separately, so that users could transfer the device to several televisions in their house, instead of bringing the whole dock with them.

The dock is just made of plastic and has ports in it, so it does seem a little overpriced. It does not offer any additional power to the device and nor does it cool it or offer any other function.

Nintendo Dock Gone

The news that came in earlier was that that the dock had completely gone and the landing page had been killed. Nintendo continues to have the standalone dock on the accessory list, but it does not offer any link for purchasing it.

Grand Recall Theory

Users jumped to the conclusion that the docks were going to be recalled and that was the reason it was no longer available. Some of the grand theories doing the rounds were that there would be a grand recalling of the dock. There were theories floated that there was something seriously wrong with the Nintendo dock and the company did not want to sell it separately.

Small Scratches

To add to these theories, there were reports that when frequently docked and undocked, some minor scratches were seen on the screen. This was due to the absence of internal paddings on the dock and also because of the comparatively tight fit of the dock. In addition, the dock of the Nintendo Switch is made of plastic and it is not glass. Some users complained that the docks on their Nintendo Switch were bent inwards, when it came out of the box. This could be due to the strange U shaped dock design, which increases the chances of scratches.

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DIY Solutions

Some users started to use some DIY solutions, such as fitting the lining of the docks with foam to prevent this. It is only a few days since the launch of the Nintendo Switch and there are several reports of such scratches.

Nintendo Switch Dock

Out of Stock

Nintendo has replied to enquiries regarding the non-availability of the standalone dock for the device. The company has made a statement that the dock is not in stock at the Nintendo online store. The demand for this product has been more than expected and the dock will be back for sale after the company receives additional units.

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