The Last of Us Part 1 Receives Separate Updates For PlayStation 5 and PC

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Video game developer Naughty Dog has released updates for the PlayStation 5 and PC versions of The Last of Us Part 1.

After a long wait, Naughty Dog, the company behind The Last of Us Part 1, has released new updates for the game on PlayStation 5 and PC. These updates are a result of the feedback provided by individuals who have played the game on these platforms. Ever since The Last of Us Part 1 released, players came across a large number of technical issues in it. Because of this, releasing updates for the game was all the more important.

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The Last of Us Part 1, as a large section of players are aware, happens to be a reimagined version of the original game which was set in an action-adventure space. The game was launched as a PlayStation exclusive in 2022. A while later, the game also got a release on PC. While players already had the opportunity to try out a remastered version of The Last of Us, the gaming publisher decided to come up with another version that would be more aligned to the mechanisms of the PS5.

The PC update for The Last of Us Part 1 brings in some interesting improvements to the game including fixing the camera jitter that some players experience while using the keyboard and/or mouse. Now that this update has been rolled out, PC players shouldn’t face any issue while using the keyboard or the mouse.

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The PlayStation 5 update, on the other hand, is far more elaborate. Titled Patch 1.03, the update comprises of more than 50 improvements. It also brings along in-game t-shirt cosmetics designed for Ellie. This update has also been launched to improve a few important things like aim sensitivity and rifle weapons. The developers have also ensured that this update will result in “numerous visual improvements”. It also fixed a lot of bugs that were affecting the game for a while.

The official Twitter account of Naughty Dog has already offered a glimpse of two new t-shirts for Ellie. While one is a Mortal Kombat 2 logo t-shirt, the other one has been designed for The Wire. The logo’s origin can be traced from the Mortal Kombat 2 video game.

After releasing these important updates, Naughty Dog has assured fans that it will continue to take feedback from them and work on many more updates in the near future keeping the preferences and demands of the players in mind.

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