Xbox Mobile Gaming Store Underway, Phil Spencer Adds 2024 Launch Window

Xbox One

With an Xbox mobile gaming store upcoming next year, it looks like Microsoft is planning to compete against Apple and Google in their respective store fronts.

Mobile gaming space is something that Microsoft has failed for decades, but the other two companies took center stage with their iOS and Android stores respectively.

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They have a massive presence on their smartphones and even though cheaper to develop, these smartphone games often earned more money than a full-fledged AAA title like GTA 5 or Witcher 3. Some do claim that smartphone games are addictive and gambling inspired, but when a gaming company like Xbox steps in, it will come up with creative ideas to make gaming more fun and rewarding than current titles.

Xbox Mobile Gaming Store

The news was confirmed directly by Phil Spencer, head of Xbox division. With a new legal act in place, all third party games and stores can now be accessed on both Apple iPhone and all Android phones. Microsoft bets big on this change as it will allow them to roll out multiple titles on their own app store, but at the same time without having to provide a massive cut to the companies that own these stores.

Building the Mobile Gaming World

Xbox mobile gaming store evolved when Microsoft managed to acquire Activision and Blizzard. As both companies have prior experience in the mobile gaming platform, the interest in building a store of their own evolved, said Spencer.

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“Our idea is to provide all our games on literally any screen the player likes to engage themselves in. Previously, we brought our content to televisions, streaming services on PCs and even on the Nintendo Switch handheld gaming space. Now, we want to build a solution for mobile devices which will be unique because PC or Xbox games can’t run on smartphones which is why dedicated versions are essential. Xbox mobile gaming store will be the path to open up the new venue and is set for launch somewhere in 2024,” he further added.

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