OnePlus Open Black Screen Issues: Teardown Video Shows What’s Wrong

oneplus open

Recognized as the brand’s foremost foldable device, the OnePlus Open has attained quite positive reviews from experts.

The sales of the OnePlus Open have been quite good due to the inclusion of the top-notch hardware and the competitive pricing.

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On the other hand, multiple reports have surfaced from the customers online. These reports mention the dead pixels in the internal screen, with a part of the screen becoming black. Furthermore, the JerryRigEverything unit also observed black patches on the internal screen. Jerry also observed dust within the phone. Perhaps, this can be the reason for the black patches’ appearance on the screen.

The design of the OnePlus Open reveals a plastic protector on the foldable screen’s top and ultra-thin glass among the pixels. The main foldable hinge and the rear of the internal folding display boast a carbon fiber coating.

The brand aimed to promote the phone’s durability by using the word- titanium. However, the teardown revealed that it was merely used for the screws. The teardown also specifies that there are several screws within the phone, approximately 80.

The absence of pull tabs makes removing the phone’s battery difficult. A thermal paste is located underneath the motherboard unit for heat diffusion.

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Many users on Reddit and social media are protesting about the appearance of dead pixels or black patches on the phone’s internal screen.  The correct reason for this is unclear. But JerryRigEverything has clarified this through this teardown video. It disclosed that the reason could be the dust under the ultra-thin glass puts pressure when folding.

This issue flashed up after a owner of OnePlus 12 identified a dead bug in his phone. OPPO reacted and also assisted in this regard.

Although OnePlus hasn’t confirmed the issue, it is anticipated that the brand will soon disclose this.

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