OnePlus Rumored to be Working on a Mid-Range Smartphone with 7,000 mAh Battery

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Among various rumors about OnePlus and its smartphone, a recent report by renowned tipster Digital Chat Station has garnered everyone’s attention.

According to the leak, the tipster claims that the silicon battery from Ouga Group is targeting a 7-digit mark. He also goes on to say that the group is thinking of a mid-range line.

The tipster is known for his accurate statements most of the time and so it is likely that OnePlus is currently working on a mid-range smartphone with a 7000 mAh battery. However, since Ouga Group is the joint venture of the merged R&D labs of Oppo and OnePlus, there is a good possibility that Oppo will also soon introduce a smartphone with the same battery capacity.

Glacier Battery Technology

The new battery is expected to be offered by OnePlus because of the manufacturer’s proprietary Glacier Battery technology. This technology incorporates a silicon-carbide anode with 763 Wh/L energy density. This is higher than the standard graphite battery by 23.1%.

This technology deploys a voltage stabilization architecture that contributes towards a long-lasting stable output and consistent performance. The key advantages of batteries produced using this technology are they are smaller in size, have a longer lifespan, charge faster, and have more efficiency.

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OnePlus last implemented its Glacier Battery technology in the OnePlus Ace 3 Pro. This smartphone was launched recently by the manufacturer with a 6,100 mAh battery.

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Since the statement by Digital Chat Station mentions a mid-range smartphone, the new 7000 mAh battery may find its place in one of the Nord series of smartphones from the manufacturer. Similarly, Oppo will likely opt for this battery in its A series smartphones. However, as both manufacturers have not commented anything regarding this, it is best to consider the statements with a pinch of salt. The two manufacturers could opt for a new series for the 7000 mAh battery.

There are already a few smartphones in the market with a 7000 mAh battery. Some of them are Samsung Galaxy M51, Samsung Galaxy F62, and Itel P40 Plus.

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