Oppo CPH2095 and CPH2127 with Processor Codenamed ‘Bengal’ and 4GB RAM Appear on Geekbench


Two new Oppo smartphones with model numbers Oppo CPH2095 and Oppo CPH2127 have appeared on the benchmarking website Geekbench.

This listings of both CPH2095 and CPH2127 have been found on the Geekbench 4 database. The single and multi core scores of CPH2095 are 1484 and 5054 and 1192 and 4833 for CPH2127 respectively. The phones have 4GB RAM and will ship with Android 10 OS out of the box. The codename of the processor is ‘Bengal’ and it’s an octa-core processor from Qualcomm.

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The same model numbers were seen on Russia’s Eurasian Economic Commission (EEC) website. Apart from this, both Oppo CPH2095 and CPH2127 have not been certified anywhere else across the globe.

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Reports that emerged earlier this year indicated that Qualcomm has been working on four new chipsets namely Bengal, Lagoon, Lito and Lagoon. This was uncovered from the kernel source code of Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphones. While we do know that the processor codenamed ‘Lito’ is the Snapdragon 765 which is also known as SM7250, we have not seen phones fitted with the other three processors.

However, this is not the first time we are seeing the processor name pop up on Geekbench. In the month of April, a Vivo phone with model number Vivo TD2002 appeared on the database of Geekbench 5 with the same processor name. While the scores were found to be 314 and 1323 in that listing, they can’t be compared because of the appearances in different Geekbench versions.

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Going by what we’ve seen with the scores of mid range smartphones in Geekbench 4, it’s safe to assume that the phone will not be a high end phone but will be more of a mid range one. Since Oppo has been releasing several smartphones in the A-series this year, this might as well be one more in the A-series. We’re not even sure whether the phone supports 5G. We’ll have to wait for more certifications to know more about the specs of this phone.

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