Oppo F9/F9 Pro (CPH1823) with 6GB RAM, Helio P60 Appears on Geekbench


Oppo F9/F9 Pro with model number CPH1823, which recently got Bluetooth certification, has now shown up in Geekbench.

The Geekbench listing suggests that the new model CPH1823 comes with Android Oreo 8.1 OS and is equipped with 6GB RAM. The processor name reads as MT6771V/W, which refers to MediaTek’s Helio P60. The benchmarking scores were found to be 1481 for singe core and 5673 for multi core. The processor clocks at 1.99 GHz speed and apart from this, there is nothing revealed about this smartphone from the Geekbench listing.

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Oppo F9/F9 Pro was already certified in different countries by their certification bodies namely TKDN in Indonesia, SIRIM in Malaysia and NBTC in Thailand. The model number spotted in all these certification bodies was the same – CPH1823. Last month it was certified by the Bluetooth agency as well. Now that it has also appeared in Geekbench, we can expect its release at the earliest.

Recently, Oppo Realme1 with model number CPH1859 was released with the exactly the same specs on its Geekbench listing. Realme was dubbed as Oppo’s online-exclusive sub-brand and was released on May 25, 2018. It’s also worth mentioning that Oppo Realme1 had already shared most of its specs with Oppo F7. However, it was cheaper than Oppo F7, which was assigned the model numbers CPH1819 and CPH1821.

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Oppo had already released a teaser image saying that Oppo F9 is coming soon. And in the same teaser, a dual rear camera was found on the top left. Interestingly, Oppo F9 also bears the model numbers CPH1825 and CPH1881 along with CPH1823.

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